Prefer buying traditional jewellery online!

With the emerging online shopping trend, more and more people prefer to purchase fashion essentials online. Be it clothing, footwear, jewellery or any other fashion accessory, people opt for online shopping. Recently, most of the women started shopping for artificial or semi-precious jewellery online because of various gift and discount voucher offered by various online stores.

Most of the e-shops offer exquisite collection of jewellery for the online jewellery buyers. Even many leading jewellery brands like Tanishq, etc., have introduced their own online stores. Today, people are getting online than never before for buying gold, diamond, platinum, pearl as well as silver jewellery from online stores. Be it anklets, bangles, bracelets, brooches, combos, earrings, mangalsutra, necklace sets, necklaces, pendant sets, pendants, rings, strings or toe ring, there is an exclusive range of jewellery available at online stores.

For the recent few years, people prefer to buy jewellery online, as well. Being a regular online shopper, I prefer shopping from online stores. Most of the time, I shop for apparel and footwear, but, now, I started buying jewellery online. Usually, I purchase ethnic and semi-precious jewellery from e-shopping, and favorite brand for traditional adornments is Touchstone.


Jewelry defines a woman!

Grace and elegance define a woman really well. A woman is known by what she wears and how she carries it. Jewelry is something that is considered as the most important and defining element of a woman’s wardrobe, even above the clothes. The craze for jewellery in girls start developing from a tender age. She loves to ooze her cuteness by wearing the little trimmings at a small age. When a girl grows into her teenage or more mature years, she loves to wear sparkling necklace sets.

Jewellery is really important for a married woman in India. When a girl attains her marriageable age, her parents start to buy jewellery for her. During the marriage, parents give many pendant sets with nice earrings and rings to their daughter. Interesting designs and various materials make jewelry highly popular among girls of all age groups.

Ornaments made with precious stones are well combined with gold and other metals to carve out the exclusive pieces. Mangalsutra, being a compulsory ornament to be worn by the Indian brides, comes in very ethnic and traditional designs. This unique ornament is worn by married woman to define her married status. Also, it symbolizes the love of a woman towards her husband.

Buying jewellery has become a tedious task these days, as one need to invest a lot to buy even a simple pair of earrings or a necklace set. Hence, one should take proper care while buying jewelry. Ensure that you buy the necklace sets only from the recommended stores.As the beautiful jewelry defines a woman, it should be purchased with utmost care.

Mangalsutra Designs- Fashion and Style Statement

Earlier, Indian women used to wear the Mangalsutra with the belief that it has some divine powers that protect the married couple from the wicked eye and it protects the life of her husband. Each and every ritual and ceremony associated with marriage signifies the real essence of the wedding. The Mangalsutra is not just simple jewellery; it is a symbol of marriage and goodwill. This special ornament is the token of love and dignity.

A In the recent past women won’t search for the trendy jewellery that is why it was restricted to small back beads and simple pendent. With the change in style and trend for everything, today the concept of wearing mangal sutra has also changed. Now, most of the women don’t prefer wearing a mangalsutra, the rest of them look for the exclusive designs with diamond pendants. But still, it is considered an auspicious thing for married women.

Well, now it is more a fashion and style statement rather than a symbol of marriage. In this all the credit goes to the Bollywood movies as well as daily soaps. Over the years, even the style has also changed. Previously, women use to carry simple designs with small gold lockets but now the trend is to wear short and single string with diamond pendants.

Found a Worth Wearing Fashion Jewellery at

Well, I am fond of fashion jewelry, and have an exclusive collection too. It’s my wish to collect at least 1000 pairs of earrings, bracelets, pendants, neck pieces, and more. It will be dream come true for me, when I have a collection of 1000. My hunt is still ‘ON’ and to fulfill this wish, I always keep a check on all the accessory stores, be it in a mall or online shop.

It’s just three pairs left to complete my wish. That is why, for the last few weekends, I’m getting online like never before just find the unique and exclusive jewelry. I checked almost all the online stores, and after searching for long today at Jabong, I found some stylish designs that have never seen. And, here I placed an order for three earnings and bracelets that I find worth the wearing. Now, I am desperately waiting to add these in my jewellery box.

Find your favorite jewellery online!

It was my best friend’s wedding and I got so excited that I started preparing for it months before. I was so curious to be at her wedding that as soon as I got the news, I send the leave notice to my boss.Well, he was quite nice as he accepted it. A few days before the marriage, I decided to buy a new dress, shoes, accessories, and other things from online stores as I hardly had anytime to drive to traditional stores, waiting in long traffic queues and still not getting the choicest stuff.However, I was not sure of buying jewellery online.

I got confused about what to do. One day, I discussed about the authenticity of online stores in my office. Suddenly,one of my colleagues suggested me some trusted online jewellery stores. However, I was not convinced by her idea but she took me into confidence while explaining her personal shopping experience. With certain doubts in mind, I started off browsing some shortlisted stores and got amazed by the exciting range they had on display. I agreed with my colleague’s advice when I came across some of the official sites of the branded jewellery labels selling jewellery online. I browsed many stores and finally purchased a diamond set from a reputable e-store and that too at discounted prices.The store shipped the set to my doorsteps, without any extra charges. And, when I wore it, I felt like a princess!

I must say that buying jewellery online was a worthy shopping experience. You can also find ornaments over the Internet be it rings, neck pieces, earrings, and others. Also, find great deals for your chosen jewels.

Wear pearls in different styles

Pearls have always topped the chart in jewellery for women and this precious gem has
been adorned over the ages by the Royal ladies. In fact, this gem has a special meaning
even today, as it can easily replace pendant sets for women made from metals and other
precious stones. Almost every lady owns a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace in her
jewelry box along with her gold pendant sets. This royal and elegant gem has now become
more versatile than even before as other than royal outfits, it can be worn with modern
western wears in different ways listed below:

Wear a simple long pearl necklace and tie a knot in the middle of it. Allow the rest of
the pearls dangled in a loop over a stylish evening gown. You can also wear the pearl
chain over your casual wears.
A long pearl necklace can be worn in two to three layers or you can make three
different layers with necklaces of different lengths. This style would ooze your
oomph factor.
Those hippie or gypsy styles of wearing the pearl necklaces over the forehead are
still ruling the fashion world. You can also wear chain in the form of a hair band with
a single layer of pearl shining in your beautiful strands.
Give your dress a classy look while wearing a pearl chain with beads. This
combination would add more substance to your personality.
Wearing a pearl chain over the waist is a hit style to accentuate your curves. Wear it
over a knee-length dress or on a saree.

These styles would add to your style making you a woman of substance, almost

My Friend’s Wedding Jewellery!

Recently, I saw a new trend in jewellery and embellishments. Today, people are so scared of thefts and robberies that they have started wearing artificial jewellery. But, it’s good too, as you can have a good collection at a nominal amount.

Let me share an instance, my friend recently got married. She was looking very beautiful, her wedding dress, make-up, bangles, earrings, necklace set and everything was very appealing. As other brides, she too was waiting in the green room for her would be husband to enter the venue, ‘Barats’ don’t come early these days! I went to meet her and I don’t know how this discussion about jewellery and all started that I got to know the ongoing roadside thefts. She told me that the jewels and gems she’s adorning are artificial! I was shocked, but she explained me that it’s safe to wear these as it saves you from the rowdy robbers and also adds to your look. Pictures come out really beautiful and you get them at minimal cost.

After knowing all this, I decided for myself that I would go for buying artificial ornaments. They are affordable and you get a variety of designs. Unlike wedding jewellery, which you get on rent from retailers, small earrings and necklace sets would not cost you much.

I tried out many brands that design such jewels, and trust me; they are worth every penny you invest. They don’t turn black, have American diamond studded in them and are in warranty. I guess after the introduction of artificial jewellery, wearing jewels is no more a daring task. Lots and lots of brands are showcasing their vivid collection for the new female generation to get the look they desire.

Today, e-commerce has advanced so much that you can even buy these must-haves accessories online from various online shopping portals. They are trusted and verified, so there is no threat in making purchases from those registered websites.