My Friend’s Wedding Jewellery!

Recently, I saw a new trend in jewellery and embellishments. Today, people are so scared of thefts and robberies that they have started wearing artificial jewellery. But, it’s good too, as you can have a good collection at a nominal amount.

Let me share an instance, my friend recently got married. She was looking very beautiful, her wedding dress, make-up, bangles, earrings, necklace set and everything was very appealing. As other brides, she too was waiting in the green room for her would be husband to enter the venue, ‘Barats’ don’t come early these days! I went to meet her and I don’t know how this discussion about jewellery and all started that I got to know the ongoing roadside thefts. She told me that the jewels and gems she’s adorning are artificial! I was shocked, but she explained me that it’s safe to wear these as it saves you from the rowdy robbers and also adds to your look. Pictures come out really beautiful and you get them at minimal cost.

After knowing all this, I decided for myself that I would go for buying artificial ornaments. They are affordable and you get a variety of designs. Unlike wedding jewellery, which you get on rent from retailers, small earrings and necklace sets would not cost you much.

I tried out many brands that design such jewels, and trust me; they are worth every penny you invest. They don’t turn black, have American diamond studded in them and are in warranty. I guess after the introduction of artificial jewellery, wearing jewels is no more a daring task. Lots and lots of brands are showcasing their vivid collection for the new female generation to get the look they desire.

Today, e-commerce has advanced so much that you can even buy these must-haves accessories online from various online shopping portals. They are trusted and verified, so there is no threat in making purchases from those registered websites.


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