Mangalsutra Designs- Fashion and Style Statement

Earlier, Indian women used to wear the Mangalsutra with the belief that it has some divine powers that protect the married couple from the wicked eye and it protects the life of her husband. Each and every ritual and ceremony associated with marriage signifies the real essence of the wedding. The Mangalsutra is not just simple jewellery; it is a symbol of marriage and goodwill. This special ornament is the token of love and dignity.

A In the recent past women won’t search for the trendy jewellery that is why it was restricted to small back beads and simple pendent. With the change in style and trend for everything, today the concept of wearing mangal sutra has also changed. Now, most of the women don’t prefer wearing a mangalsutra, the rest of them look for the exclusive designs with diamond pendants. But still, it is considered an auspicious thing for married women.

Well, now it is more a fashion and style statement rather than a symbol of marriage. In this all the credit goes to the Bollywood movies as well as daily soaps. Over the years, even the style has also changed. Previously, women use to carry simple designs with small gold lockets but now the trend is to wear short and single string with diamond pendants.


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