Adorn Pendant Sets and Other Ornaments!

In India, jewellery is an integral part of the culture and lifestyle especially for women. Women also have an unending love for jewelry as it helps to enhance their beauty. Jewellery pieces such as wedding rings, earrings for girls, pendant sets and other fashion jewellery are there for the ladies.

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Some jewelry designs you’ll find an Indian woman wearing-

  1. Nose ring- This is kind of ornament that is worn by the ladies on their nose. It could be plain or simply studded with precious stones. If your nose is not pierced then in the market you will find spring nose rings which are best for those who do not want to get their nose pierced.
  2. Anklets and Toe Rings- Payals and Bichuas add grace to your feet as they are adorned on your feet. They are mostly made up of silver and are worn by girls as fashion jewellery.
  3. Pendant Sets- They can be a combination of necklace with matching earrings or precious stone lockets with matching earrings. They are made up of different styles and materials. You can match them with your ethnic wears.
  4. Bangles- The round shape ornament that is worn on both the wrists are known as bangles. A lot of designs, colors and styles come in bangles.
  5. Rings- Rings are worn on the fingers which enhance the beauty of one’s hand. Rings come in different designs and materials like gold, kundan, diamond, silver and by other precious metals and stones.

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