Mangalsutra- essential jewellery for married women

According to Indian culture, jewelry and women are related inherently. Each and every woman, on her wedding day, dreams to adorn most exclusive and stylish bridal jewelry. She wishes to wear the traditional yet exclusive pieces from head to toe. These days, kundan work in the trend and most of the women love to wear Pasha instead of Maang pati. A bride attains a perfect look when she wears bangles, armlet, anklet, rings, necklace, bindi, kamar bandh, nose ring, etc.

Above all these embellishments, the Mangalsutra is a kind of necklace that symbolizes a married woman. Often given as a gift for a wedding, it is tied by the groom around her neck. Well, this is considered as a traditional ritual of Indian wedding ceremonies. However, every religion has its own customs as well as rituals. Still, the importance of Mangalsutra is same for all the religions. Basically, traditional mangalsutra is made of black beads and gold. Depending on the region, the Mangalsutra may also be made with corals or diamonds. Moreover, women used to wear it for the good-will and long life of her husband. Now, even this notion has changed a lot, today, it is considered as more of style and status symbol. These days, you will find them in various styles, and designs. Married women love to flaunt their diamond mangalsutra all the time. Whatever the reason is, mangalsutra is still considered as one of most the essential jewels for married women.


Various types of jewelry online!

Jewelry shopping is considered as one of the biggest investments and therefore people pay attention to even the smallest details while purchasing jewelry. Shopping for jewelry online has become an emerging trend these days, as you can find almost all kinds of ornaments at these stores whether gold or precious gems and stones that are hard to find anywhere else. Vintage and costume jewelry, all kinds of ornaments are readily available at almost all online jewelry stores. Moreover, you can save your money that you otherwise invest in fuel and other expenses while purchasing ornaments from a traditional store. Whether you are looking for fashion jewelry or any other kind of ornaments, just check out the vast range of jewelry online.

Many online stores also offer handmade jewelry in special designs. If you want to add a personal touch to your collection, just order some special designs of handmade jewelry available at these online stores. The high level of creativity and the ultimate designs would make you look better than ever.

Vintage jewelry is the requirement of every lady who wants to appear as a style diva. So if you want to purchase the latest designs of necklaces, bracelets, rings, or bangles, no other place than online stores would help you get everything at the best prices. Make the best value of your money by availing major discounts on your latest vintage jewelry. Most of the online jewellery shops offer their collection at discounted prices to exist in the competitive online market, helping you get the best products at affordable prices.

Make your shopping for jewellery a pleasant experience by purchasing jewelry online.

Design your own pendent set online!

As we all know, pendant is a something that charms the neck and is more like a necklace. It is precious to all women as it enhances the beauty of any stone.They come in all shapes, sizes and styles; a pendant is embellished with gemstones, diamonds, Swarovski, or many other precious or semi-precious stones. Women love to wear the pendent sets, some prefer to go to the jewelers and the one who don’t have much time prefer to place an order online. Yes! Even pendants and other jewelry can be purchased online. Moreover, many online jewellery shops provide an option to design your own pendent online.  Designing pendant sets online can be an exciting experience for women as they can experiment with what type of design, shapes, or styles they want. As per you the liking, women can choose the shape of the gemstone or diamond. The best part is you do not need any formal training for the same, just by following few simple steps one make her dream pendent in no time.

  • Decide what mental you want such Gold, Silver, Platinum, White Gold, etc. If you want to make a ring on a specific budget, then choose the metal carefully. Sterling Silver with gold polish is the most reasonable options, while Platinum or Gold is quite expensive.
  • Now, chose the stone shape, carat and other things as per your budget.
  • Before making the selection, make sure you are paying via a secure payment gateway.

Fashionable Bridal Jewelry!

Every girl wants to look perfect on her wedding day. She does not want to compromise on anything, be it her wedding dress, make up, trousseau, shoes, and the jewelry, everything has to be perfect and in place. No girl wants to get haywire on the day of her wedding because of anything. I have a short story to tell you about my wedding day- In India, you know that there are so many rituals and ceremonies that take place even after the wedding is over. So, on my wedding day because of these rituals I got late for my parlor and then I couldn’t get myself clicked peacefully. I know it sound a little stupid but if you would have been at my place, you must have felt a little disgusted as you know that the attention you need is lacking.

Anyways, we were talking about jewelry! Today, girls do not like to wear bridal jewelry which is heavy and confusing. Girls have started to resort to wearing artificial bridal jewelry so that they look nice, subtle, yet heavy. Even the girls who wear original jewels made up of gold, diamonds, and kundan love to look simple, and elegant. The time is not that of flaunting money, but it is about looking good, graceful, and attractive. You must wear all the jewels as it is your day to look world’s most beautiful girl, you want to impress your better half and make him feel special. You are beautiful, you know it, so make an impression so that everyone falls prey to your charm.

Pearl earrings and neck pieces—Add style to your sophisticated look

Each and every girl loves to wear the matching earrings and necklace with every dress always. Moreover, in special occasion like wedding party, they love to flaunt every piece of jewellery from hair pin to toe ring. A nice earring and a matching necklace can change the entire outlook. A simple outfit when paired with a classy earring and elegant necklace become a more stylish one. Necklaces for girls are made of various materials and embellished with many items such as gem stones, diamond, pearl, crystals, Swarovski, etc. Among all diamonds are considered as a status symbol. Some women prefer wearing matching neck pieces as per their dresses and others love to wear pearl necklaces with every outfit.

Pearl jewelry is considered as most graceful and elegant as it adds grace in addition to style. Moreover, pearl earring and neck piece go with almost all kinds of outfit, be it formal or casual. You can wear a pearl string on your neck with saree, kurti or shirt, the pearl jewelry complements every outfit. Today, you can find a nice range of selection in pearl jewelry. It comes in various colors, style, designs and patterns. Pearl compliments Indian features and statuettes.  It adds spark, grace, elegance, as well as adds style to the sophisticated look. If you dress up sophisticatedly and looking for something that adds style to your look, try out pearl earrings and neck pieces.

Wedding gift ideas!

The wedding season is about to come, and sometimes, it gets really difficult to choose the wedding gift, especially when it comes to someone close. Wedding gift is precious to everyone; which is why, we think a lot before choosing the gift for our best friend, cousin, or closest colleague. We always want to gift something useful and memorable, there is not point choosing a gift that is not worth considering. When it comes to someone close, always look for something unique, useful and unforgettable. The person whom you are giving a gift should always remember you, even if due to some or the other reason you won’t remain in touch in the near future.  Here, we will discuss some of the wedding gift ideas.

If you are going to buy a gift for a girl, you can choose pendent sets, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, pearl jewellery, or any other precious or semiprecious jewellery. You can get a nice pair of artificial jewellery within 2000 to 3000 rupees. Moreover, if you can close to both a bride as well as the groom, you can gift them a couple watch, but for this you have to increase your budget. The branded and designer couple watches starts from rupees 5000. Some other gifting ideas for girls are hair styling tools such as hair dryer, pressing machine, curler, etc. You can also gift a spa and other beauty coupons to women.

Different styles in silver pendants!

Being a girl, I know how important jewelry is for any girl. Girls do not like to adorn heavy and expensive jewels; rather they feel comfortable and safe in wearing light and subtle jewelry pieces. Some of the jewelry pieces girls like to adorn are earrings, simple rings, toe rings, silver pendants, and rings. Some of the girls like to wear the original stones and metals, a few others like to wear artificial stones just to be on the safer side. You must ensure that whatever you wear should be new and fashionable. Do not buy anything which is old and have been in fashion for a long time. Evergreen designs and styles are something different but do not compromise with the fashion trend. I would suggest you to wear imitations as they would cost you less and in case of any mishap happen, and then you would not lose out much. An imitation has a little percentage of original metals and has got premium quality stones studded in them.

The market is full of jewels which are made up with such materials. You can check out the online store to buy silver pendants, earrings, rings, and other jewelry items. The range of silver pendants online is great you can find collection from brands such as Peora, The Real Effect, London, Lucera, Aapno Rajasthan, Taraash, Euphoria, Vendee Fashions, Xcite, BNF, Pretty Women, Estelle, Infinity, Reema Jewels, Johareez, Touchstone, Sheetal Jewellery, and more. So you see how many options and varieties you have in your kitty. Start shopping today!