Fashionable Bridal Jewelry!

Every girl wants to look perfect on her wedding day. She does not want to compromise on anything, be it her wedding dress, make up, trousseau, shoes, and the jewelry, everything has to be perfect and in place. No girl wants to get haywire on the day of her wedding because of anything. I have a short story to tell you about my wedding day- In India, you know that there are so many rituals and ceremonies that take place even after the wedding is over. So, on my wedding day because of these rituals I got late for my parlor and then I couldn’t get myself clicked peacefully. I know it sound a little stupid but if you would have been at my place, you must have felt a little disgusted as you know that the attention you need is lacking.

Anyways, we were talking about jewelry! Today, girls do not like to wear bridal jewelry which is heavy and confusing. Girls have started to resort to wearing artificial bridal jewelry so that they look nice, subtle, yet heavy. Even the girls who wear original jewels made up of gold, diamonds, and kundan love to look simple, and elegant. The time is not that of flaunting money, but it is about looking good, graceful, and attractive. You must wear all the jewels as it is your day to look world’s most beautiful girl, you want to impress your better half and make him feel special. You are beautiful, you know it, so make an impression so that everyone falls prey to your charm.


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