Mangalsutra- essential jewellery for married women

According to Indian culture, jewelry and women are related inherently. Each and every woman, on her wedding day, dreams to adorn most exclusive and stylish bridal jewelry. She wishes to wear the traditional yet exclusive pieces from head to toe. These days, kundan work in the trend and most of the women love to wear Pasha instead of Maang pati. A bride attains a perfect look when she wears bangles, armlet, anklet, rings, necklace, bindi, kamar bandh, nose ring, etc.

Above all these embellishments, the Mangalsutra is a kind of necklace that symbolizes a married woman. Often given as a gift for a wedding, it is tied by the groom around her neck. Well, this is considered as a traditional ritual of Indian wedding ceremonies. However, every religion has its own customs as well as rituals. Still, the importance of Mangalsutra is same for all the religions. Basically, traditional mangalsutra is made of black beads and gold. Depending on the region, the Mangalsutra may also be made with corals or diamonds. Moreover, women used to wear it for the good-will and long life of her husband. Now, even this notion has changed a lot, today, it is considered as more of style and status symbol. These days, you will find them in various styles, and designs. Married women love to flaunt their diamond mangalsutra all the time. Whatever the reason is, mangalsutra is still considered as one of most the essential jewels for married women.


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