Get the best jewellery offers of a lifetime online!

Jewellery is one of the Indian women’s first loves. Right from a very tender age, the Indian culture and tradition teaches our women the importance of jewellery, and the role it plays in accentuating one’s beauty. A woman can never own too much jewellery. She’s always in the hunt for beautiful jewellery for which she doesn’t have to spend a bomb. If you have been looking for some delicious jewellery offers, then head on to the online shopping websites in India and take a look.

Sia-Art-Jewellery-1-Necklace-Set-2B-1-Pendant-Set-2B-1-Hair-Clip-3255-877374-1-catalog Sia-Art-Jewellery-1-Pendant-Set-Set-With-Chain-2B-1-Earring-2B-1-Hair-Clip-5909-803184-1-catalog Sia-Art-Jewellery-1-Necklace-Set-2B-1-Pendant-Set-2B-1-Hair-Clip-8324-177374-1-catalog

Sia jewellery is the flagship brand of the company. It is a complete house of jewellery for all accessory needs- showcasing the ‘Art of Complimenting’.

In the year 1972, the company’s doyen, Mr. Ramniklal D. Chhadva ventured into the wholesale business of imitation jewellery, leather bags and other related accessories which slowly and gradually broadened into the brand Sia Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. The company’s policy is to deliver ‘simply the best’. Most of the times, though, what brings in the customer delight are the matching accessories-the largest collection anyone can find under one roof. The wide assortment of products has continued to woo the customers and critics alike since its inception.

Buy Sia jewellery which comprises earrings, rings, pendant, necklace & sets, bangles etc. at discounted prices. You can go for exciting combinations which will fulfil all your jewellery needs like never before. Buy jewellery at the best prices, and benefits like free shipping, cash on delivery and easy returns will further make your online shopping experience completely worth the effort!


Pearl necklaces to look classy, stylish, and fashionable!

Pearl strings and necklaces are a timeless fashion accessory that can offer you a great variation of looks. Whether you are going for a classic style or want a traditional look, a pearl necklace do wonders in both the occasions. It looks classy, stylish, and fashionable as well as gives you a royal personality. Classic white pearl necklace is every woman’s first choice, but now many women like wearing grey pearls for the stylishly royal look. Moreover, most women love to wear colored beads around the neck to more elegance and charm. Whether in fashion journals or in trendy boutiques, bejeweled necklaces vary in style and design. Plus, you may find the best styles and designs of necklaces online as well. In addition, you can create your own personalized and colorful pearl necklaces online at a very reasonable price. There are many websites in India that let you choose to customize your own style and designs, so use beads and various trims to create necklace that will inspire envy in your friends. Follow the trend and buy some designer necklaces online to add some sparkling pieces in your jewellery box. Stylish and classy necklaces can be worn exclusive of embellishment or with an added adornment to add more grace. Pearls go with almost all types of dresses but still follow some simple fashion rules when styling pearls with your dress to get the look you desire.

Rukhsaar-Princess-Touch-Necklace-4143-839593-1-catalogNIKI-Jewels-Multi-Necklace-Set-3465-143405-1-catalog  Bindhani-Gold-Plated-Necklace-Set-3503-353445-1-catalog

Gold bracelets for men for an unusual style match!

Men have been seen sporting leather made accessories like belts, bracelets, and lockets. Something as dazzling as gold is also their one of the loved choices ad trust the trend, they are all ready to set the fashion streets ablaze with their gold sparkles. Gone are the days when gold was considered the best for women. Men too have a liking for gold, even more than what women have.

My cousin has last month purchased a set of gold bracelets from some online shopping site. He wanted to gift the other one to his friend on his marriage. It had a beautiful strap made of chained golden beads. The other one was for himself. His friend had liked the present a lot and has complemented him on his choice. He wanted to buy another of the same kind for one of the common friends who were celebrating his marriage anniversary last Sunday. My cousin again bought a set of men’s gold bracelets and gave to his friend. I think his whole gang is now going to sport these golden bracelets for men together. All of my cousin’s friend have a golden bracelet and they can be seen wearing one on occasions or every day.

Peora-Gold--Bracelet-6587-480383-1-catalog Peora-Mens-Gold-Tungsten-Rolex-Style-Bracelet-5120-41389-1-catalog

Even my uncle has grown a sudden liking for the same and can be found researching gold bracelets for men designs online. I guess he will soon join the gang of gold bracelets men of my cousin brother.

GoldMangalsutra: Express love in Style!

In our Indian culture, jewelry and women are connected inherently. A bride attains a perfect look on her wedding day when she wears bindi, bangles, necklace, anklet, armlet, rings, kamar bandh, nose ring, and there are many other Jewells.  Plus, there are designer earrings, pendants, pendant sets, bracelets and many other ornaments that are worn by the women, these days. Above all jewellery items, the gold Mangalsutra is a kind of necklace that symbolizes a wedded woman. Usually, given as a gift onmarriage ceremony, it is tied by the husband-to-be around her neck. It is special to each and every woman in India. Plus, this is considered as one of the most special and purecustomary of the Indian wedding ceremonies.It is mostly adorned a married woman to state her married status as well as to express her love and esteem for her husband. It is a symbol of love and worn by the wife for the well-being for the husband. Usually, it is embellished locket set with the string of black beads to protect couple from bad power. Its designs are also very cultural and traditional. However, these days, you will find a wide variety of gold and diamond Mangalsutra designs. Even in fact, American diamond Mangalsutra designs are also very pretty and well-designed that it would be tough for you to find out different from the original diamond Mangalsutra. Precious stones are well combined with 22k gold Mangalsutra and other metals to carve out an exclusive piece in adornments.

Mani-Jewel-Golden-Pendant-8736-797005-1-catalog sparkles-Gold-Mangalsutra-1404-308873-1-catalog

Grace your fingers with precious rings for women

Rings are meant for special occasions and specific reasons. From a marriage proposal to engagement and keeping the planetary movements smooth, rings can be of various kinds and are made of various objects and stones.

Precious rings are a step forward to the rings which we wear just for fashion. They resemble our trust in certain things and also display the significance of various gemstones in our lives. From sapphire to pearl and diamond to aventurine-everything is explored to make precious rings more precious and magnificent. It is only then you realise its true worth when it serves your purpose of gracing your fingers and gaining you oodles of compliments. Isn’t it?

sparkles-Sparkles-18-Karat-Gold-Diamond-Ring-8228-088934-1-catalog Bling-White-Ring-5893-885874-1-catalogWhatever be the reason, rings are meant to be special, so they should be chosen with utmost care. Before picking up a certain ring for yourself, you should make sure that a certain element like gold or silver doesn’t react to your skin. Also, you must be aware of the benefits of the gemstone you are wearing and the purpose it will be serving in the far end.

While rings for ceremonial and marriage purposes are mostly made of diamonds and gold, you should be specific about the design and style you want to flaunt. You should also not restrict yourself to one particular style but should explore fancy designs. Delight yourself with beautiful diamond rings for women. Also, find amazing and new gold rings online for engagement at reasonable costs. Give your personality a dazzling gift in form of a beautiful finger ring.

Gold Earrings: Jazz up your Sophisticated Look in Style!


GOLD is the one of the hottest trends in the coming years.  Women are getting inclined over gold colored jewellery, not the real one but imitation and trendy pieces of jewellery. It will add style and jazz up your sophisticated look elegantly. Fashion-centric women can also find a handle full of designer and stylish fashion earrings online. Most women prefer to buy diamond earrings online for deals and discounts. They are available in number of styles, designs and patterns. These days, women like the color Gold in everything, be it footwear, clutch, belt, handbag, jewellery or other fashion accessories. It is becoming the must-have add-ons in wardrobe of every fashionable woman. No matter what the occasion is, women always want to look stylish and fashionable.  Whether, a woman is going to attend the party, meeting a friend over dinner, going to shop, attending wedding ceremony or even when she is just getting ready for the workplace, she wants to look her best all the time. Today’s women are more fashion conscious and particular about their looks. They just can’t afford an average look that is why; always try to jazz up look with fashion accessories and other add-ons. Jewellery is something that adds grace and style to every woman; you must have noticed a nice collection of jewel pieces in women’s jewellery box. These days, is it ethnic clothing or casual clothing, women are wearing designer gold earrings with both. They are in the Trend and look Classy!

11 Diamonds Jewellery- Glitter with Season’s Best Jewellery

Winters are fun when you mix and match your clothes with smart outerwear. The fun becomes double when you accessorise your attire with trendy jewellery. If you have a thing for jewellery, you would surely want to update your jewellery collection with this fall winter’s latest updates.

11-Diamonds-Real--Diamond-Pendant-3028-702592-1-catalog 11-Diamonds-Real--Diamond-Pendant-4003-841592-1-catalog11-Diamonds-Real--Diamond-Ring-8375-451592-1-catalog

This season the statement necklaces are overruling the rest. Your love for jewellery will truly outshine this winter in form of plenty of sparkle and crystal jewellery. The fall’s trend has noted the interests and likings of all types of people and considering their tastes, the season trails all kinds of bold, coloured and bright jewellery.

What’s your Statement Piece?

High neck sweaters and structured trench coats need some uplifting. Statement jewellery serves this purpose in the best manner. What all you need this season is to complement your style with bold necklaces and a set of knuckle rings. Explore the hottest ring styles for fall.

This Fall’s Ring Alert

Rings – Crystal rings

Rings with coloured stones

Twisted stacking rings

Besides some twist and colour blocking, you can also opt for a splatter of glitter with 11 Diamonds diamond ring.

Add an extraordinary element to your outfit with chunky gold earrings. While this season, it’s all about Chandelier earrings and crystal earpieces, you can put your heart into picking up the best for you. You can also try to experiment with ear cuffs which are up the fashion radar these days.

Chain it down

Chains and layered necklaces are dominant this time. Invest in something unusual by picking up the beautiful 11 Diamonds diamond pendant. They are exquisitely made with perfection to complement your evening party elegance.

Punk Style

Those who love it raw and are a big fan of loud music would surely not miss another hit of this season. Delight yourself with notable pieces in chains, nails and skulls.

Geometric Shapes Rule

Be bold and beautiful this winter with geometric shapes jewellery that is edgy as well as well-defined to make you outstand. Go for oversized gems, be it earrings, rings or necklaces. Let your jewellery be the centre of attraction.

Golden is Back

For a while, all the jewellery lovers were going crazy after platinum and junks. Golden jewellery is back again to beautify your white and black winter attire with a bit of glaze and sparkle. Golden brooches, necklaces, earrings are creating a buzz once again. Check out the latest collection of 11 Diamonds precious jewellery. You are surely going to love each of its pieces that have been crafted with excellence!